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When the well-thought theme drives the event, the day fills the participants with finer engagement in turning them into enthusiasts. That’s what happened at Marketing Summit ‘21 by BClub, who delivered a packed house performance; a day of live practical sessions. The Summit organized

for Builders, Marketing Heads sounds a lot of homework, and design gone into was easily identifiable with the interactiveness and intuition it created. This piece is to brief and document the experiences to be a reference to future issues and recollection of moments.

Bringing in experts from the realty industry and its other critical functions from leadership, sales, digital and psychology has delivered real-time industry learnings nothing short of bringing an experience of a premier institution and participant’s expectations. The learnings represented the speaker’s roots of the experience indicating at the process on how they turned respective experiences into expertise was obvious. The speakers vary from Industry Heads, Experts and Coaches have enriched themselves with a variety of dimensions to insights that usually hog the questions on a daily basis with respect to marketing and sales. The participants' instant thoughts across sessions shows the value delivered and the testimonials are now a huge responsibility for BClub moving further in its journey.

For certain unplanned reasons, the day surprisingly began with basics of a professional and professionalism were equally emulated across sessions. Mr.G.Ram Reddy being the CREDAI’s familiar name and poster boy of ARK Group, pressed the importance of time, discipline, commitment, habits and focus just not rekindled the forgotten kindergarten learnings, but affirmed what actually makes a professional. The veteran displayed his initial career experiences, step-stone lessons, steered the event and streamed for a great day in the making. His recollection of the instance of ‘from termination to felicitation’ amazingly introduced what honesty can bring to dedication and how it can garner better opportunities through references and how it transforms to reverence. His latest obsession with walking and cycling made him younger beyond his portfolio and accomplishments, a young entrepreneur aiming gearing for bigger targets, is a classic case of humanizing marvel efforts.

Mr. Prakash yadav, from Indis Group, just not nailed the pieces of the practices at realty industry and also showed the value of peripherals that make the marketing and sales easy for a project from location to planning to execution. The pictorial presentation with minimal words across the life cycle of a project shows how he succeeded in carving a locus for himself from his day in & out experience of how his leadership performs across fabulous projects they are working and in handling reporting from 40 plus teams in his organization.

The duo Mr SV Balaji & Krishna Ved, from 3-key Factors, delivered a multi-facet sales process framework; STAR, an audacious introduction to straighten and strengthen the sales audit topography. The framework centered on some internal and external perspectives against performances is unique and simple to put into practice to accomplish beyond better results towards a scope in shaping better professionalism at organizations. A reversed engineering narrative from cross-border experiences is in line to framework in comparison to the event was hilariously appreciated and both topped in striking with starry answers and views as straight as easily executable at work.

Mr.Rahul from Outline Media, seems a challenger who tethered a lot of myths and misunderstandings related to project’s digital activities, planning and execution. He didn’t stop there and continued to tokenize his understanding with a range of hindsight's of imagination against highlights of actuals; revealing what captures the results for a project. For a time he wore a Q&A cap transforming the ways to make digital plans work with digital strategy. His challenging steam rolled out to the most tough to crack related to expenditure on digital space by detailing where the pie goes, what it does and how it should be spent was a stellar with spectacular live application of understanding into results.

On a heavily packed day of activities and still finding time to make a performed presence by Mr. Ram Jaldurgam, Professional Coach, stood by his reputation. It was an undeniable spell of psychology across basics of knowing the range of people at organizations has actually chequered the daylong learnings to its finest forms and spaces into ready-to-use across in working their ways to making sales easy. His wit to reference various instances across the Skill Vs Will matrix and from analogy to affirmation accessed into the essence of the theme of the day, has served a strength in facilitating participants in finding their own ways to unleash the solutions to the question ’what makes sales easy’.

The participants from far and near networked, shared prospects, expressed the impact of the sessions and services of BClub was palpable from the next generation of entrepreneurs especially by Bhrardwaj, Vrajesh, Kaundinya and others flagged and fathomed the essence and effluence of the Summit is working towards more newer themes.

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